Implementation & Upgrade Methodology

The Mitchell & Associates Implementation Methodology has been developed to plan, manage, and deliver J.D. Edwards software solutions. It is based upon J.D. Edwards own standard OneMethodology and Oracle Unified Method (OUM) implementation approach's, but has evolved over the past 20 years to cope with the different situations that have been encountered during our numerous implementations. Our unique process accelerates time-to-benefit for our clients as well as reduces their risk and exposure for cloud, hybrid or on premise solutions. 

The methodology addresses the areas of highest risk early in the implementation lifecycle. Our professionals begin by evaluating and analyzing your business processes and existing infrastructure to determine the most suitable solution architecture and design. They then develop, rigorously test and implement the resulting solution.

The strength of the Mitchell & Associates Implementation Methodology lies in its balance between flexibility and speed. The process is flexible in that it allows our implementation professionals to refine requirements as the project evolves. Each of our clients has unique business requirements and we provide them with a solution tailored to their exact needs.

The implementation approach is also very fast. We leverage established implementation practices and templates to streamline activities - shrinking implementation times and reducing costs. Our unmatched experience with numerous companies allows the process to be quickly adapted to the needs of our clients, no matter their size or industry. We utilize industry best practices to eliminate the root causes of implementation failure. Most importantly, it allows your organization to realize a faster ROI (Return on Investment).

What’s Important:
Improve productivity
Lower costs
Meet user expectations
Maintain system flexibility
Maintain schedule & budget
Assimilate Oracle J.D. Edwards technology
Improve on legacy systems
Provide a return on your investment

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