JD Edwards Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management is the core for demand-driven manufacturing and distribution. These software modules promote revenue growth and cost reduction by improving fulfillment rates, allowing better asset and capacity utilization and expanding market dominance while reducing inventory, shrinking lead times, and achieving overall cost-of-goods improvements.

JD Edwards Supply Chain Management is a family of applications in Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product line.

  • Advanced Pricing
  • Agreement Management
  • Apparel Management
  • Configurator
  • Fulfillment Management
  • Demand Scheduling Execution
  • Product Variants
  • Sales Order Management

 Food and Beverage Producers 

  • Blend Management
  • Grower Pricing and Payments
  • Grower Management

 Manufacturing and Engineering

  • Configurator
  • Demand Flow® Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing - Accounting
  • Manufacturing - ETO Foundation
  • Manufacturing - Lean Execution
  • Manufacturing - PDM
  • Manufacturing - Shop Floor
  • Plant Manager's Dashboard
  • Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management
  • Quality Management
  • Requirements Planning

 Value Chain Planning

  • Advanced Planning Command Center
  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Demand Management
  • Demand Signal Repository
  • Global Order Promising
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization
  • Production Scheduling
  • Rapid Planning
  • Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning
  • Service Parts Planning
  • Strategic Network Optimization

 Supply Chain Execution

  • Advanced Stock Valuation
  • Bulk Stock Inventory
  • Inventory Management
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Integration - Oracle Transportation Management
  • Product Variants
  • RFID Processor
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management


  • Streamline everything from the earliest sales forecasts to customers' acknowledgements of orders received.
  • Model complex supply chain scenarios, factoring in all relevant costs and all potential supply and demand constraints.
  • Extend supply chain business processes to customers, suppliers, and partners, making it possible to adjust to unforeseen events in real time.

JD Edwards Project Management (PM)

Take control and proactively manage project costs and billing, from conception through completion with Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Project Management.

JD Edwards Project Management is a family of applications in Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product line.

  • Contract and Service Billing
  • Project and Government Contract Accounting
  • Project Costing


  • View project budget, forecast, and actual amounts—in real-time—to proactively manage project costs, with built-in integration to drill down to the source transaction.
  • Automate the change-order approval process to expedite billing and document variations from the original project plan.
  • Bill accurately to the terms of contracts and service agreements to optimize cash flow.
  • Streamline repetitive building processes for sales, purchasing, and construction.

JD Edwards Financial Management (FM)

Having the right financial foundation for your organization is key when you need to account for every penny that comes in or goes out—in every currency, in every country. Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management can help you respond more quickly to your changing environment, streamline your financial operations, and improve the accuracy of your financial reporting.

JD Edwards Financial Management is a family of applications in Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product line.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Advanced Cost Accounting
  • Expense Management
  • Financial Management and Compliance Console
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • General Ledger
  • Support for IFRS


  • Flexible. Changes, including reorganizations, new distribution centers, and new product lines, can be folded into your existing financial operations, without compromising the integrity of historical data.
  • Pre-integrated. All of our financial and accounting solutions link seamlessly with all other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions.
  • Collaborative capabilities and built-in interoperability. You can easily extend your business processes to interact with your business partners.

JD Edwards Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne's Asset Lifecycle Management solution helps drive greater value from your assets, whether they are plants, facilities, or equipment. From capital planning and budgeting, to procurement and operations, to maintenance and repair, JD Edwards Asset Lifecycle Management can maximize profitability and return on investment across the entire asset lifecyle.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Performance Plus Asset Management Best Practices
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Performance Plus is a preconfigured asset management methodology and software solution that uses proven best-practice techniques to help maximize equipment availability and reduce maintenance costs.

JD Edwards Asset Lifecycle Management is a family of applications in Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product line.

  • Capital Asset Management
  • Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Equipment Cost Analysis
  • Preventive Maintenance (PDF)
  • Resource Assignments


  • Complete enterprise-wide visibility enables executives and managers to make sound asset investment and management decisions to drive financial value at every stage of the asset lifecycle.
  • Keep assets running at maximum availability and extend equipment life.
  • Increase labor productivity by scheduling maintenance around operations, matching employee skills to specific maintenance tasks.
  • Optimize maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventories and automate the fulfillment of spare parts and supplies.
  • Track the financial performance of assets and tie costs and revenue generated to individual key assets, such as plants and transmission or production lines.

Current JD Edwards Consulting Opportunities

Mitchell & Associates is an international management consulting firm. We specialize in the implementation, enhancement, and upgrade of the J.D. Edwards software solution. We are opening a new office and as a result, are seeking consultants who have the knowledge, energy, and experience to be part of our team. International
and domestic travel will be required.

If you have any the following JD Edwards skills please send contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let us know your skills assessment from below and attach your resume in a Microsoft Word format.

Project Management
Project Leadership
Technical Support Specialist
Applications Experience
CNC Experience
Business Process Re-engineering
Networking & Communications


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Software Evaluation Services

In this changing world of software solutions evaluating or auditing an integrated business system is not easy. You watch software demonstration after demonstration. After a while all of the features and functions start to seem the same in your mind. You wonder how you will ever make the right decision. What should the criteria be? How should you weight the software? If your company is looking to purchase an integrated system solution, a complimentary package, or audit an existing system, we have a structured approach to make the job faster and easier for you. With the help of one of our system experts we will help your company accomplish the following:

1. Define Project Objectives - We work with you to help you define your business objectives for the project, identify potential benefit areas, develop an initial issues list, identify your project team, and lay out an initial project plan. This gives your team a clear answer to the question, "Why are we doing this project?"
2. Develop System Requirements - We do this by first asking you business and environmental questions which define the basic structure and characteristics of your company. Based on your answers, we then create a detailed master list of requirements. Each requirement is then ranked according to importance and relevance within your organization. We try to make everyone feel like they are part of a team. This way they will take ownership of the project because they each have a stake in seeing the project succeed. We also help you to identify those top requirements that can serve as "key issues" to "weed out" unqualified vendors. Instead of focusing on every single requirement during the first cut, these key issues allow you to focus on the "show-stoppers." This lessens the chance that an unqualified vendor will get a foot in the door.
3. Qualify Vendors or Approach - Next we look for software packages that meet your needs. You can have the assurance that you will not fail to consider a qualified package just because you haven't heard of it. We use the "key issues" that you defined earlier in the process to identify the 3 to 6 most qualified vendors based upon their capabilities. Using a data base we can search for basic information on a large number of software packages. With our extensive search skills, you can be certain that the 3 to 6 software packages that make it to your short list are all qualified to meet your functional requirements.
4. Develop the Request for Proposal - The Request for Proposal (RFP) allows you to evaluate and score each vendor's package. You can simply walk each vendor through your preliminary scoring to verify their capabilities. The vendor then answers the RFP and demonstrates the software packages ability to meet your organizations requirements. The RFP should be included as an attachment to the final contract for the selected vendor.
5. Verify Software Capabilities through Demonstrations - Now is your chance for you to see if the software package lives up to the vendors sales pitch. Not what he says it can do, but what you see it do. During each demo, you verify and clarify the vendor's responses to your RFP. Make sure the vendor uses examples from your organization. Here is your chance to really determine how each package meets your critical requirements.
6. Compare Vendors - At this point, you will have gathered all the raw data about each package that you need to make your decision. Using our cross system matrix you can score each vendor package function by function, module by module. Now you can isolate the strengths and weaknesses of each package. You can also compare the "look and feel," "user friendliness," vendor technical direction, and your comfort level with the vendor's post-sales support personnel. You should also check each vendor's references, and how long they have been in the market place. Now the choice is yours. You are now equipped to make a logical decision.
7. System Audit Deliverable – Determined and prepare written system status. Recommend improvements if required to the hardware, software and network required to support the organization efficiently.



Delivering JD Edwards World-Class Customer Service

Mitchell & Associates is committed to providing innovative solutions and technological efficiencies that create greater value for customers. Our commitment is backed by more than 20 years of experience providing global information technology solutions to customers with best-in-class customer service. Year-over-year, our commitment to exceeding customer service expectations is most evident in the reference letters we've received since 1993 and the surveys that are conducted. Below are just a few of our satisfied customers.




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