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Mitchell & Associates is an international management consulting firm. We specialize in the implementation, enhancement, and upgrade of the J.D. Edwards software solution. We are opening a new office and as a result, are seeking consultants who have the knowledge, energy, and experience to be part of our team. International
and domestic travel will be required.

If you have any the following JD Edwards skills please send contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let us know your skills assessment from below and attach your resume in a Microsoft Word format.

Project Management
Project Leadership
Technical Support Specialist
Applications Experience
CNC Experience
Business Process Re-engineering
Networking & Communications


Download Corporate Literature and JD Edwards Material

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Company Profile (PDF 89 KB)
Mitchell & Associates, A full services management and computer consulting firm.
Consulting Services (PDF 75.0 KB)
Our experienced consultants provide the complete range of J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne software.
MAA Implementation Methodology (MAAIM) (PDF 79 KB)
MAAIM, based on templates, enables a rapid implementation of J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne specific to each organization needs. All the functionality of the software is made available quickly and efficiently.
The Benefits (PDF 54 KB)
Find out some of the tremendous benefits of partnering with our company for services.
Product Information (PDF 65 KB)
J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne Collaborative Solutions.
Upgrade Solutions (PDF 65 KB)
J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Upgrade Services.
World Migration Information (PDF 65 KB)
J.D. Edwards World to EnterpriseOne 9.1 Migration Services.
Solution Assessment Information (PDF 65 KB)
J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne Application Solutions Assessment Services.
System Assessment Information (PDF 65 KB)
J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne Technical System Assessments.
Post Implementation Audit Information (PDF 65 KB)
J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne Post Implementation Audit.
JD Edwards Managed Services (PDF 65 KB)
JD Edwards Managed Services.



News Mitchell & Associates - JD Edwards

Download Corporate Literature

This section of the site contains downloadable PDF information for potential customers about Mitchell & Associates and our JD Edwards solutions. Please right click on the link to begin the download.


Software Evaluation Services

In this changing world of software solutions evaluating or auditing an integrated business system is not easy. You watch software demonstration after demonstration. After a while all of the features and functions start to seem the same in your mind. You wonder how you will ever make the right decision. What should the criteria be? How should you weight the software? If your company is looking to purchase an integrated system solution, a complimentary package, or audit an existing system, we have a structured approach to make the job faster and easier for you. With the help of one of our system experts we will help your company accomplish the following:

1. Define Project Objectives - We work with you to help you define your business objectives for the project, identify potential benefit areas, develop an initial issues list, identify your project team, and lay out an initial project plan. This gives your team a clear answer to the question, "Why are we doing this project?"
2. Develop System Requirements - We do this by first asking you business and environmental questions which define the basic structure and characteristics of your company. Based on your answers, we then create a detailed master list of requirements. Each requirement is then ranked according to importance and relevance within your organization. We try to make everyone feel like they are part of a team. This way they will take ownership of the project because they each have a stake in seeing the project succeed. We also help you to identify those top requirements that can serve as "key issues" to "weed out" unqualified vendors. Instead of focusing on every single requirement during the first cut, these key issues allow you to focus on the "show-stoppers." This lessens the chance that an unqualified vendor will get a foot in the door.
3. Qualify Vendors or Approach - Next we look for software packages that meet your needs. You can have the assurance that you will not fail to consider a qualified package just because you haven't heard of it. We use the "key issues" that you defined earlier in the process to identify the 3 to 6 most qualified vendors based upon their capabilities. Using a data base we can search for basic information on a large number of software packages. With our extensive search skills, you can be certain that the 3 to 6 software packages that make it to your short list are all qualified to meet your functional requirements.
4. Develop the Request for Proposal - The Request for Proposal (RFP) allows you to evaluate and score each vendor's package. You can simply walk each vendor through your preliminary scoring to verify their capabilities. The vendor then answers the RFP and demonstrates the software packages ability to meet your organizations requirements. The RFP should be included as an attachment to the final contract for the selected vendor.
5. Verify Software Capabilities through Demonstrations - Now is your chance for you to see if the software package lives up to the vendors sales pitch. Not what he says it can do, but what you see it do. During each demo, you verify and clarify the vendor's responses to your RFP. Make sure the vendor uses examples from your organization. Here is your chance to really determine how each package meets your critical requirements.
6. Compare Vendors - At this point, you will have gathered all the raw data about each package that you need to make your decision. Using our cross system matrix you can score each vendor package function by function, module by module. Now you can isolate the strengths and weaknesses of each package. You can also compare the "look and feel," "user friendliness," vendor technical direction, and your comfort level with the vendor's post-sales support personnel. You should also check each vendor's references, and how long they have been in the market place. Now the choice is yours. You are now equipped to make a logical decision.
7. System Audit Deliverable – Determined and prepare written system status. Recommend improvements if required to the hardware, software and network required to support the organization efficiently.



JD Edwards Managed Services

Realize the full worth of your JD Edwards implementation, post go live!

Planning and budgeting for post go live support is an often-overlooked but nevertheless critical aspect of a JD Edwards ERP solution. Post go live support services ensure business continuity, reduced TCO and improved application performance. With over 20 years of experience in JD Edwards consulting, Mitchell & Associates, Inc. is the right partner for support services that help you get the maximum return on your implementation.

Our services rely on the retained ERP product skills and program knowledge to ensure three key benefits to customers:

Providing support for the current ERP system
Providing enhancements and additional functionalities, quickly
Functioning as a knowledge center: defining and refining best practices; evaluating future technology
We provide support for various JD Edwards product lines through a wide range of support services
Support Phase is a critical component of the TCO for any ERP Project.
Data Migration Services – includes data architecture and converting global legacy applications.
Training Services – Comprehensive training is provided to fully maximize your software utilization.

Implementing and maintaining an ERP system is a big investment for an enterprise. An often overlooked fact is that Support or Maintenance costs form a significant portion of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any ERP project. Hence, optimizing on Support costs is an integral part of minimizing the TCO for any ERP project.

MAA reliability and credibility in providing JD Edwards ERP Support Services helps customers to completely focus on other priorities that are critical to business especially in the current dynamic business environment

Applications Maintenance Outsourcing

Business-critical applications are expected to run flawlessly and be up-to-date in supporting changing business needs at all times. MAA Application Maintenance Outsourcing services are backed by mature processes, project management expertise and skilled resources, ensuring business continuity and enabling overall stakeholder satisfaction. Our customers also enjoy timely delivery of the latest software releases when they entrust their applications management to us.

Application Migration and Re-engineering

The constantly changing technology landscape compels organizations to migrate applications from legacy to Open Standards based platforms. MAA highly skilled consultants re-engineer legacy applications using Application Foundation Layers (AFL), a cutting-edge technology developed by MAA Center of Excellence.  Application Foundation Layers provide a ready-made platform that expedites the migration process and results in substantial cost reduction.

Strategic Staffing

MAA maintains a large resource pool of multi-skilled consultants with extensive cross-industry experience. With its flexible delivery model and a state-of-the-art Global Development Center, MAA provides various staffing options that enable organizations to meet their business objectives.


MAA's CNC-on-Demand services are designed to provide state-of-the-art Configurable Network Computing (CNC) support to businesses across industries. Our services range from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CNC to technical support for routine administration to onsite and remote support.


Delivering JD Edwards World-Class Customer Service

Mitchell & Associates is committed to providing innovative solutions and technological efficiencies that create greater value for customers. Our commitment is backed by more than 20 years of experience providing global information technology solutions to customers with best-in-class customer service. Year-over-year, our commitment to exceeding customer service expectations is most evident in the reference letters we've received since 1993 and the surveys that are conducted. Below are just a few of our satisfied customers.





JD Edwards Practice

J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne represents the sixth generation of this unique software solution. Over our 24 years of helping customers, we've developed and integrated many different products. J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne draws on the best of these architectures and brings together a comprehensive set of products under one umbrella.

J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne also provides a path into the future for customers using the existing One World and World solutions. It can help you in automating the enterprise, and speed up transactions across the organization. These solutions are typically integrated with Supply Chain, HR and Payroll systems, E-procurement, E-Commerce and other ancillary applications.

Mitchell & Associates combine an integrated solutions approach, experienced project teams, and strong technology in our solutions to help organizations realize their goals. Our solutions are effective at streamlining business processes that cut across the functional areas of your business. They bring together fragmented operations, often replacing multiplicity of legacy systems. By sharing common information across an integrated set of application modules, J.D Edwards can speed up transactions that cross your business. For instance, it can consolidate financial records, providing you the ability to close the books faster and more accurately.

To learn more about the J.D. Edwards product line, please contact our organization.


Mitchell & Associates Company Information

Mitchell & Associates was founded in 1993 as a full service international computer consulting firm by Dwight Mitchell. The objective was to provide the best hardware and software support available to the end users of JD Edwards software solutions, and to that end we have accomplished our goal. The company has earned an excellent reputation for quality, with a proven track record for success, and 100% client satisfaction rating when it comes to J.D. Edwards implementations, upgrades, and enhancements

Technologies are expanding at an exponential rate. We understand this trend, and want to help. By continuing to grow and develop as an organization we now provide services on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, One World Xe and the World software. Our projects are successful because we only provide services for JD Edwards software solutions.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of everyone at our organization and the foundation of our business principle. Excellence is expected in the quality of work performed by every consultant, and we constantly exceed our clients expectations on projects. We focus on efficiency, flexibility and speed for a competitive advantage while enabling our customer’s success in every phase of business. Many of our consultants are former JD Edwards employees and are highly trained certified professionals. With a strong technical staff, dedication to client services, and success in project management it can only be a win/win situation.

In an effort of continuing education and improvement within our organization, we hold memberships in:

The American Management Association
The Institute of Management Consultants
The Project Management Institute



Nothing sells Mitchell & Associates better than our clients' viewpoints! That’s because installing J.D. Edwards solutions are a rewarding experience for companies of all sizes and complexities. We are proud of our many successes, and would like to share a partial listing with you.

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