JD Edwards Training Services

Mitchell & Associates education covers the entire scope of J.D. Edwards software and can be delivered anywhere in the world. Clients often use our training services to augment or supplement training already provided by J.D. Edwards. Clients often advise us that they are overwhelmed with all of the information obtained in a standard JD Edwards training class. We understand there concern because JD Edwards is trying to impart a wealth of information and technology to its clients. Often it is too much information for a person to digest at one time and the topics need to be reviewed incrementally.

Although we offer full training classes most clients use our service in a one on one augmentation basis, but we also perform this same service on a group basis. The value in our classes comes in form of the instructor’s experience. They cover a wide range of business settings and the practical application of sophisticated technology. Working one on one at the client site while using examples directly related to their business, we have a history of playing a vital role in making business solutions work.

We think in terms of how this benefits our clients. We believe on-site consulting and training are the best techniques to use in an adult learning environment. Training should add value to your ongoing business without disrupting business as usual. We offer you the flexibility you need in choosing a training schedule. We'll work with you to arrange courses at your site with an emphasis tailored to your unique issues. By the end of the training, team members and users can gain the first-hand experience they need to become effective users in their own work settings. Our consultants combine years of industry experience with rigorous training to offer clients comprehensive J.D. Edwards product knowledge.

Multi-Level Education Covers:

Executive Overviews
Application Education
Technical Education
Product Workshops
Net Change
Technical Concepts
Process Re-engineering

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