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Oracle Expands Availability of Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting

Access to real time data is critical for making quick business decisions. Often employees have to wait till their IT department provides them with the data, in the present structure of things. In an attempt to change this dependency on the IT department and as a measure to allow the IT department to concentrate on other strategic planning, Oracle has expanded the availability of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting to the users of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting is a tool, which allows easy access to essential data in real time, in a form and manner that makes it easy to interpret. This in turn enables better decision making while also improving the overall productivity of the organization. Following are some of the important characteristics of this tool, which makes it invaluable to businesses.

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Virtual Enterprising Made Easy with Oracle Supply Chain Management

Businesses, in the earlier days, followed a system of vertical integration, where every part of the entire manufacturing and supply process was internal and self sufficient. However, with the rapid increase in competition, this model or system became difficult to follow and hence they adopted a system of collaboration. Here, businesses only adopted those processes or services that they excelled in while collaborating with other businesses for other functions or processes. This collaborative effort led to what is today called a virtual enterprise.

Virtual enterprising involves collaborating with different partners for services and functions that are not your core competency. In other words, as a business owner you are actually trading internal control for external collaboration, thereby increasing both your productivity and profits. However, for this method to be really successful, it is important to ensure that you have the perfect alliance in terms of supply chain management software. This is where Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration or DOO comes into play.

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Understanding the Impact of the Release of JD Edwards Enterprise One

Recently, in April 2012, Oracle, in an attempt to improve the existing and earlier Enterprise One Tools 9.1, released a new version of JD Edwards Enterprise One 9.1 application. This particular release is said to enhance and improve the overall usability while defining newer heights of productivity and innovation in the process. In a recent interview conducted by Profit Magazine with Lyle Ekdahl, Group Vice President and General Manager for Oracle's JD Edwards product family, they talked about the features of this new release, the impact of Oracle Fusion Applications and the responsibility that JD Edwards shows towards its customers, especially with regard to upgrades. Here are some of the key factors that this company has been focusing on through this new release:

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Redefining ERP with New Features from JD Edwards

Undoubtedly, ERP has redefined the way we do business today. For any ERP to be truly effective, it has to constantly adapt itself to the changes that take place in the industry as well as in your business. The people at Oracle's JD Edwards believe that ERP is not static but actually dynamic, which is why they believe it should be defined as Evolution, Revolution and Proactive. In other words, using ERP solutions for your business would mean that you need not worry about your IT system not adapting to the changes that affect your industry or business. And in an endeavor to be true to what they believe, the company has offered many changes to their existing ERP solutions available for businesses. Here are some of the key new features that they are offering in their ERP solutions:

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Reasons why Functional Side Leadership should take an Active Role in Introducing New Technology

It is often seen that many people voice their opinions when any company decides to introduce enterprise solutions for their own needs. While all these opinions and points are definitely important, it is essential to understand that these are not the decision makers and therefore can only influence the decision to a small extent. Largely, it is important that the decision making authority, especially with regard to introduction of new technology or enterprise solutions in any organization, should ideally lie with the functional side leadership of the company. Here are some important reasons why the functional side leadership should take such an active role in deciding whether to implement enterprise solutions or not.

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Oracle Fusion Applications – Five Essential Questions frequently asked

Undoubtedly, technology is the key to taking your business to the next level. And if you are looking for something truly extraordinary in this area, there is nothing better than Oracle Fusion Applications to help you in your endeavor. Incorporating the best business processes, which incidentally is through several years of learning, this solution is the epitome of adaptability, manageability and productivity, ensuring your business will most likely become the next generation enterprise that you have been dreaming of. However, before opting for this business solution, it is important to understand the five essential questions that most people ask about Oracle Fusion Applications.

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