Virtual Enterprising Made Easy with Oracle Supply Chain Management

Businesses, in the earlier days, followed a system of vertical integration, where every part of the entire manufacturing and supply process was internal and self sufficient. However, with the rapid increase in competition, this model or system became difficult to follow and hence they adopted a system of collaboration. Here, businesses only adopted those processes or services that they excelled in while collaborating with other businesses for other functions or processes. This collaborative effort led to what is today called a virtual enterprise.

Virtual enterprising involves collaborating with different partners for services and functions that are not your core competency. In other words, as a business owner you are actually trading internal control for external collaboration, thereby increasing both your productivity and profits. However, for this method to be really successful, it is important to ensure that you have the perfect alliance in terms of supply chain management software. This is where Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration or DOO comes into play.

What makes this software or system perfect is the fact that it truly simplifies and addresses the basic challenges faced by businesses that adopt a multi enterprise distribution system. Uniformity in management of different players, user friendly nature of software and flexibility to adapt to any existing systems and processes are some of its basic advantages. It ensures that businesses look into the nuances of constructing a virtual supply chain system and ensure that they choose the best design.

Another major advantage of this system is the fact that it easily accepts and adopts processes that may enter into its system through acquisition. In other words, where a company acquires another and requires the latter's processes to be merged with their own, this software easily allows for such mergers. The flexibility of the system is the chief reason why such easy mergers of processes are possible.

Finally, the system also addresses specific issues with regard to the actual supply part of the equation while also dealing with the financial aspects. In short, this system is comprehensive and flexible, making it a good solution for those wanting to enter into virtual enterprising and truly succeeding in it. 

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