Understanding the Impact of the Release of JD Edwards Enterprise One

Recently, in April 2012, Oracle, in an attempt to improve the existing and earlier Enterprise One Tools 9.1, released a new version of JD Edwards Enterprise One 9.1 application. This particular release is said to enhance and improve the overall usability while defining newer heights of productivity and innovation in the process. In a recent interview conducted by Profit Magazine with Lyle Ekdahl, Group Vice President and General Manager for Oracle's JD Edwards product family, they talked about the features of this new release, the impact of Oracle Fusion Applications and the responsibility that JD Edwards shows towards its customers, especially with regard to upgrades. Here are some of the key factors that this company has been focusing on through this new release:

  • Key features of the new release: The user is the key in the new release of Enterprise One tools. Much energy has been expended in ensuring and building user friendly and user attractive interfaces. In addition, productivity or the means to enhance it is the focus of this particular release. Similarly, the release also tries to improve functionality by adding features that are more business specific or business oriented in nature.
  • Impact on customers: JD Edwards believes in interacting with their customers to ensure that they have complete knowledge of their exact needs and requirements. In that the company always endeavors to keep in mind these needs while planning new features and proposals for their solutions and products.
  • Adapting to mobile technology: In a world where everyone is dependent on mobile phones, it is obvious that software and enterprise solutions have to move onto incorporating mobile technology. This is where JD Edwards has made a mark through this new release, where it ensures that people do not have to struggle to get things done while on the move.

While these are the main key points that were discussed in the interview, they are not the only factors that were discussed. For a more detailed understanding of the exact stand of Oracle vis-à-vis this new release, catch the entire interview excerpt here.


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