Redefining ERP with New Features from JD Edwards

Undoubtedly, ERP has redefined the way we do business today. For any ERP to be truly effective, it has to constantly adapt itself to the changes that take place in the industry as well as in your business. The people at Oracle's JD Edwards believe that ERP is not static but actually dynamic, which is why they believe it should be defined as Evolution, Revolution and Proactive. In other words, using ERP solutions for your business would mean that you need not worry about your IT system not adapting to the changes that affect your industry or business. And in an endeavor to be true to what they believe, the company has offered many changes to their existing ERP solutions available for businesses. Here are some of the key new features that they are offering in their ERP solutions:

OneView Reporting: This is one of the most important and perhaps well received features of the ERP solutions offered by JD Edwards. This feature allows the end user to create their own reports, as opposed to depending on their IT staff. Managing different aspects of the service industry as well as the transportation industry and making easily available reports is now simplified with this feature.

JD Edwards Tools 9.1, update 2: This new feature now supports the Google Chrome browser, which was not available in the earlier version. Moreover, you can now talk to your ERP solution through Google Chrome using voice. In other words, voice activation allows easy accessibility of all enterprise software through Google Chrome.

Object Analyzer: This is an excellent tool, which helps businesses understand the customized features that are available in the software that they have chosen. Additionally, it also helps evaluate these customizations based on their exact utility value. Once the initial reports are created, businesses can now decide on whether or not to maintain these customizations or modify them to suit their immediate needs. When upgrading your existing software, this is an excellent tool as it helps you understand what you have while also talking about what you need.

With these simple yet important features, JD Edwards has truly redefined the way you look at ERP solutions for your business. However, it is important to note that these features are merely the tip of the iceberg.



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