Reasons why Functional Side Leadership should take an Active Role in Introducing New Technology

It is often seen that many people voice their opinions when any company decides to introduce enterprise solutions for their own needs. While all these opinions and points are definitely important, it is essential to understand that these are not the decision makers and therefore can only influence the decision to a small extent. Largely, it is important that the decision making authority, especially with regard to introduction of new technology or enterprise solutions in any organization, should ideally lie with the functional side leadership of the company. Here are some important reasons why the functional side leadership should take such an active role in deciding whether to implement enterprise solutions or not.


  • To avoid improper planning: One of the main advantages of implementing enterprise solutions is that it helps speed up your processes. However, in order for technology to actually help your processes work faster, the processes must be well thought of and should mirror the best practices adopted in the industry. If this is not the case, technology will only bring to the forefront any problems that may occur in your processes. And you will end up spending more time resolving these issues instead of enjoying the technology. In order to ensure that you do not waste time but utilize it correctly, it is important to choose the best processes, which is the responsibility of the functional side leadership

  • One size does not fit all: Most often management tends to get enterprise solutions off the shelf, without giving any thought to whether it will suit their needs or not. And often it is seen that such off the shelf solutions rarely suit the individual needs of the company. there are several important features, which are missing or simply do not exist in these readily available software. Under these circumstances, you waste time getting these solutions and then reworking on how to make them suit your situation in the best possible way. In other cases, you might have to stop using this solution altogether, thereby wasting time and money, while investing in a new one

  • Maintaining strategic priorities: Enterprise solutions will work best if they are properly aligned with the strategic priorities of the company. these include aligning itself with the projects and processes that are going to succeed and work well and improving them instead of focusing on the entire organization

  • Adapting to change: When functional side leadership is involved, there is a gradual acceptance and adaptation to change, which is necessary for the overall productivity of the organization

For all these reasons, it is important to ensure that the functional side leadership is involved in the decision making process regarding introduction of enterprise solutions in any organization. 

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