Oracle Expands Availability of Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting

Access to real time data is critical for making quick business decisions. Often employees have to wait till their IT department provides them with the data, in the present structure of things. In an attempt to change this dependency on the IT department and as a measure to allow the IT department to concentrate on other strategic planning, Oracle has expanded the availability of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting to the users of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting is a tool, which allows easy access to essential data in real time, in a form and manner that makes it easy to interpret. This in turn enables better decision making while also improving the overall productivity of the organization. Following are some of the important characteristics of this tool, which makes it invaluable to businesses.

  • An extensive library of prebuilt reports, which can be used to answer any queries from across the entire enterprise. This reduces the dependency on the IT department while empowering the employees. With the help of these prebuilt reports, analyzing data as well as interpreting it has become extremely easy.
  • Prebuilt reports are available for all modules including Financials, Capital Asset management, inventory management, procurement and subcontract management, human resources, payroll, manufacturing management, project costing, sales order management, service management, transportation management and real estate management.
  • Additionally, a special health and safety incident management solution is available for JDE Enterprise One 9.1 customers, which allows for reporting of incident management.
  • JDE Enterprise One One View Reporting helps in simplifying the information for all users. With the help of the Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, this tool helps users access the data and customize it into lists, charts, graphs, tables etc, which help in better decision making.
  • Allows for creating simple or sophisticated reports, depending on the need of the hour. In other words, depending on what you need in terms of reports, you can access the relevant data and convert it to the report of your choice, without wasting time or effort.
  • Allows you to get a clear view of the operations, by combining the master data with the essential transaction data. This allows you to take pertinent decisions that are necessary for taking your business forward.

With all these characteristics readily available in this One View Reporting tool, it is an important JDE upgrade, which allows for easy reporting as well as analysis of reports. In other words, you no longer have to worry about getting information or analysis from your IT department but can get your own data and analysis in real time. This truly enhances the speed of decision making, while also ensuring that it is effective. Moreover, this tool allows the IT department of every organization to concentrate on its core activity, which is strategic planning for the future.

The announcement regarding this availability of One View Reporting for 9.0 customers was made at their Summit, where 600 attendees from 31 countries were present.

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