Oracle Announces the Oracle Value Chain Summit

Supply chain management is an integral part of any business. And businesses are always looking for ways to optimize supply chains and convert them into value chains to enable better profitability. Oracle JDE Edwards Consultants through their Oracle Value Chain Summit endeavor to enable businesses to understand how they are helping customers optimize on their supply chains and enabling profitability.

This event is a summit of all leading supply chain events, including the Product Lifecycle Management Summit, Maintenance Summit, Manufacturing Summit, Logistics Summit as well as the Value Chain Planning and Procurements Summit. Not only does this summit offer supply chain professionals an opportunity to network with the best in the industry but it will also talk about the key issues pertaining to the industry while also giving them tips on how to deal with them. JDE Enterprise One offers a complete solution that helps all companies in integrating and automating their key processes in supply chain management, right from designing to planning, then procurement, manufacturing, maintenance and finally fulfillment.

The event will talk about the individual products that affect the various key processes while also getting an idea about the JDE Project Management that customers really need. For instance, the Product Lifecycle Management Summit will be an event where customers can learn more about the best practices followed by the best in the industry while also giving their inputs on how Oracle Product Value Chain's future can be shaped.

The logistics summit talks about how to create a better and more efficient logistics environment, which will help businesses, serve their customers better. In addition, the attendees will also learn how they can save money while still ensuring efficiency in their jobs.

The supply chain planning summit is meant to help users understand the value of the Oracle Value Chain Planning, in addition to learning how to use it effectively. Sharing information and experiences on using this JDE upgrade is the best way users can ensure that they utilize it to improve profits, reduce risk while also improving their responsiveness to customers.

Operational efficiency, cost management, quality control and regulatory issues are extremely important factors to manufacturers. Through the manufacturing summit, users of the JD Edwards Upgrade will be able to discuss and exchange strategies that have helped them enhance productivity on the shop floor.

Oracle JDE Implementation of Fusion applications, E Business Suite and PeopleSoft applications by users has enabled best practices in procurement. These case studies and user experiences will be the topic of discussion at the Procurement Summit.

Finally, the maintenance summit will help discuss the best ways to manage inventory, ensure reliability while optimizing the systems governing these. It will also give users a chance to understand how Oracle helps users ensure effectiveness in operating, managing and maintaining their assets.

It is important to note that this summit is a collaboration of all the major factors involved in the supply chain management process, which enables businesses to take their supply chain processes to the next level. Given that supply chain management is one area of the business, which has undergone major changes, understanding how Oracle JD Edwards implementation will help in the long run is extremely important.

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