For JD Edwards Customers Pondering The Move To Cloud, Oracle Lowers Costs!


A lot of people in the JD Edwards install base do things the way they have always done things. They don't know why they do them. They are just following past procedures. So, the methodology is 10 years old or older. There's a general lack of ongoing training in many instances where digital transformation, business process reengineering and upgrades are now on the horizon. This results in many situations where the use of the product, which was determined ten or more years ago, is no longer in alignment with how the business is run today. It still works, but it is more labor intensive than it needs to be. There are many new tools and technologies that can boost efficiencies. Take JD Edwards UX One, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator, JD Edwards Mobile Applications, JD Edwards Café One, and JD Edwards One View Reporting.

Although those outside the JD Edwards community often deride the solution as out of date, not cloud enabled and not scalable, I disagree. I’ve been around the JD Edwards software solution since the days when it ran exclusively on AS/400s and from my perspective, based on the assessments our company does, this is more of an issue with application software and tools that are going unused by companies that are stuck in the past. We have come to determine that the average customer uses roughly 25% of their solution. The platform is technologically contemporary and be easily lifted and dropped to a cloud solution whenever the customer is ready.

There are also the people who make Oracle the villain. That's another easy target for anyone who doesn't like Larry Ellison and the Oracle roadmap.  But, Oracle did a smart thing in my opinion, by continuing to put a lot of research and development into their existing products, ERP cloud and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions. They are not forcing users to move to the cloud, but they are showing the benefits of moving to a cloud platform and they have made the migration easy. This is not to say that in the long-term Oracle doesn't want everyone to move to the cloud, but I think they are doing it in a better way.

Most companies take some time to consider whether there is enough benefit in moving to the cloud today or in performing upgrades. Some of the tools and the work process efficiencies are keeping JD Edwards customers on the upgrade path, but there are those that are upgrading and moving to the cloud because they are forced to. They may be losing support for their out-of-date operating systems and hardware, which becomes the trigger for upgrading their old version of JD Edwards and moving the cloud in the process.

Planning for the future???? At a live event today, Oracle Executive Chairman of the Board and CTO Larry Ellison announced new programs that lower costs by delivering increased automation and flexibility, and enable customers to get more value from their existing Oracle software investments.  The new Oracle Cloud programs include Bring Your Own License to PaaS and Universal Credits.

"We are completely transforming the way all companies buy and use cloud by providing flexibility and choice," said Ellison. "Today, we combined the lowest prices with the highest performance and more automation to deliver a lower total cost of ownership for our customers."

While organizations are eager to move to the cloud, many have not due to obstacles that have forced them to choose between flexibility and lower costs.  They have been challenged by the complexity of the cloud and the inability to rebalance spend across different services. Organizations have also been constrained by limited visibility and control over cloud spend.  Until now, they have been unable to fully leverage their on-premises software investments in the cloud, having been limited to IaaS services or sacrificing key database features at the PaaS layer.  Oracle's new cloud programs address customers' cloud adoption challenges by improving and simplifying the way they purchase and consume cloud services.

Bring Your Own License to Oracle Database PaaS: Delivering Increased Value Through License Mobility

Currently, customers are able to bring their on-premises licenses to Oracle IaaS.  Today, Oracle is expanding the offering by enabling customers to reuse their existing software licenses for Oracle PaaS, including Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware, Oracle Analytics, and others.  Customers with existing on-premises licenses can leverage that investment to use Oracle Database Cloud at a fraction of the old PaaS price. Running Oracle Database on Oracle IaaS is faster and offers more features than Amazon, delivering the industry's lowest total cost of ownership.  Additionally, customers can further reduce management and operational costs required for on-premises maintenance by taking advantage of this PaaS automation.

Universal Credits: Flexible Buying and Consumption Choices for Oracle's PaaS and IaaS Services

Oracle is introducing Universal Credits, the industry's most flexible buying and consumption model for cloud services.  With Universal Credits, customers have one simple contract that provides unlimited access to all current and future Oracle PaaS and IaaS services, spanning Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud at Customer.  Customers gain on-demand access to all services plus the benefit of the lower cost of pre-paid services.  Additionally, they have the flexibility to upgrade, expand or move services across datacenters based on their requirements. With Universal Credits, customers gain the ability to switch the PaaS or IaaS services they are using without having to notify Oracle. Customers also benefit from using new services with their existing set of cloud credits when made available.

Oracle's new Universal Credit and Bring Your Own License to PaaS will be available on September 25, 2017. These programs span Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Now is the time to “Lift & Shift” On-Premise Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Dwight Mitchell, PMP, OCP, OCS is the President and Chief Technology Advisor of Mitchell & Associates, a leading service provider of J.D. Edwards Cloud, On-Premise, Infrastructure and Management Consulting services. They are also a Platinum Level Partner in the Oracle Partner Network.

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