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Oracle has been making strategic investments to transform JD Edwards EnterpriseOne into a robust digital platform that allows you to leverage your existing investments in JD Edwards, transform into a connected, agile, and real-time business, and become a digital enterprise that uses technology to become more profitable and efficient, and achieve greater competitive advantage. Innovations as a result of digital transformation are happening across organizations of all types in every industry. They share a common theme: The ability to transform processes and business models, empower workforce efficiency, and personalize the user experience. Mitchell & Associates has been aligning our services to further enable digital transformation. With JD Edwards you have the tools and applications for mapping your journey to become a digital enterprise.

JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud: Path to Digital Transformation
Businesses are experiencing fundamental changes. These changes range from different ways to engage with customers to new business processes and models, changes in culture, and, most importantly, for the purposes of this discussion, the adoption of transformative technologies. Digital business transformation can be defined as the application of technology to build new business models, processes, software, and systems that result in more profitable revenue, greater competitive advantage, and higher efficiency. These benefits present a significant incentive for rethinking how to run your business – and that is exactly what is happening.

Driving digital business transformation in a company is an important part of your strategic business plan. Line of business leaders are looking to transform their business processes and achieve tangible business outcomes. Their businesses need agility and speed. To achieve this outcome, they need to collaborate with IT leaders, who can provide them with a technology platform to create the environment and resources to achieve the agility, connectedness, and real-time information access that are characteristics of digital business. IT’s job is to ensure security, scalability, and future-proofing.

Transformative technologies encompass most of the major technology trends of the last few years, including mobility, internet of things (IoT), connected devices, big data, analytic tools and applications, cognitive computing, virtual and augmented reality, as well as social and collaboration tools.

Cloud Enables Digital Transformation
This white paper discusses the different ways in which cloud technologies can provide you with an enabling platform for digital business while maximizing your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne investment. Specifically, this white paper gives you an understanding of the services and benefits of your cloud choices and how to drive business value by:

Excerpts from Oracle Corporation and the White Paper on the JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud: Path to Digital Transformation published in March 2017.
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