Oracle Partners Develop New Oracle Accelerate Solutions for Midsize Organizations

In a competitive business era, growing businesses have to become more efficient, streamline their operations while also improving their customer service. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that midsize businesses are always looking for enterprise applications and technology that will help them succeed in this endeavor. Oracle JDE Edwards Consulting, through their new Oracle Acceleration Solutions, has helped several midsize businesses achieve this goal.

These are solutions that are created specifically with different industries, geographies and products in mind to enable them towards better and faster adoption of Oracle JDE Implementation of various applications. These solutions are simple to deploy and really quick in terms of time required for deployment, which is beneficial to midsize industries. They are basically applications, which are industry specific and are implemented using Oracle Business Accelerators. They have the support and backing of expert partners, which also ensure low total cost of ownership.

The advent of various technologies and applications, including those like cloud technology, hosted and hybrid options, on site deployment options and the availability of packaged solutions has led to the reduction in risks as well as time required for deployment. It is only obvious that midsize organizations will want to take maximum advantage of the same to ensure growth while also ensuring optimum customer service.

Through this network of global experts and with the help of these solutions, partners are creating innovative and viable solutions that are growth driven and encompassing all the important needs of each business in question. Some of the classic instances where businesses have used this particular product of JDE consulting to achieve maximum profitability include the creation of solutions for Oracle Customer Experience using the Oracle ATG Web Commerce. This was tailor made for the retail industry to handle their communications. Other partners have developed solutions that have helped them stand tall when competing with their European counterparts.

The Oracle Accelerate solutions has leveraged off the various JDE upgrade options that are available, including those like the Oracle E- Business Suite, JDE enterprise One, Oracle's Business intelligence applications, Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance, JDE Project Management and the like.

Different industries have successfully implemented the Oracle enterprise one system faster and in a more profitable way using the Oracle Accelerate solutions. These include the Oil and Gas industry, retail industry, financial industry, wholesale distribution industry, communications industry and several others. It is important to note that these solutions, while being tailor made for different industries actually help midsize businesses propel towards growth and financial stability.

They believe that using the Oracle accelerate solutions, they can, not only ensure faster deployment and implementation of their applications but can also ensure better focus on ensuring growth rather than focusing on implementation of technologies. Additionally, these solutions help them in implementing upgrades that are necessary to meet their expanding needs.

Given the above discussion, it is clear that Oracle accelerate solutions is the best option for midsize businesses competing in today's business environment. Not only does it help modernize the way they look at ERP but it also enhances customer experience, which is absolutely essential to succeed today.


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