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Mitchell & Associates Consulting Services is your international services provider focusing exclusively on the success of customers deploying Oracle JD Edwards applications and technology. We have upgraded 41 companies & implemented 6 new ones to JDE EnterpriseOne in the last 7-years! Drawing on industry best practices and deep software expertise, Mitchell & Associates consultants help you assess your business needs, create your enterprise computing strategy, and deploy new technology to maximize the value of your Oracle JD Edwards investment.

Mitchell & Associates consultants are the experts others turn to for leadership in JD Edwards software solutions. Mitchell & Associates Consulting delivers continuous value across the full solution lifecycle so you can take advantage of our knowledge transfer in all areas of your business. Our projects range from small, limited-scope, short timeframe partner- and customer-led engagements, to multimillion-dollar, multiple year projects.

Mitchell & Associates Consulting focuses exclusively on Oracle JD Edwards technology and application solutions and on referenceable results. You can trust that Mitchell & Associates Consulting has the experts in Oracle JD Edwards applications line so that you receive maximum value for your investment.

Mitchell & Associates Consulting will help you prepare for the next-generation line of business applications that enable more flexible, collaborative business processes. Our consultants are best resources for ways customers can prepare their current JD Edwards investments for the future.


As people, business, and “things” increasingly interconnect in the digital economy, existing business models are being radically disrupted.

Digital transformation changes the way a company creates value, interacts with customers and business partners, and competes.

Digital business transformation has shifted from “nice to have” to “must have”. But challenges abound: From how to digitize IT and digitally

interact with customers to how to integrate new digital services with existing products and solutions. Digital business is built on new
computing infrastructure – the four pillars of mobile, cloud, social, and Big Data analytics – accelerated by the Internet of Things (IoT)
and advances in machine learning. These disruptive technologies are giving companies the ability to radically change business models and
create new products and services.

This is where Mitchell & Associates business and digital transformation consulting services comes in. We will assist you in creating and executing
a successful digital business strategy. Our consulting team can help you develop a digital transformation road map, implement the right digital
applications and architecture for your business, ensure interoperability, and more. Get support at any stage of your digital transformation – whether
you’re just getting started or have existing challenges to overcome.

We will close the gap between digital strategy and execution with our business transformation services. We can help align your people, processes,
and technology to your corporate goals using industry-specific best practices and expertise. Take advantage of proven innovation management methodology
and services, quickly deploy the latest digital business technologies, and keep your company on the very cutting edge.

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What is cloud computing? Simply put, cloud computing makes it possible for users to access data, applications, and services over the Internet.
The cloud eliminates the need for costly hardware, such as hard drives and servers – and gives users the ability to work from anywhere.
Over 90% of businesses are already using cloud technology in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. The major benefits of cloud include:

  • Elasticity: Scale up or down quickly to meet computing demand
  • Affordability: Only pay for what you use, and minimize hardware and IT costs
  • Availability: Get 24/7/365 cloud system access from anywhere, on any device
  • Simplicity: Free IT from managing servers and updating software

Cloud computing is divided into three broad service categories: software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

SaaS – software-as-a-service – is a way of delivering applications over the Internet. Customers can access SaaS applications right from a Web browser, which means
there is no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update. The SaaS provider takes care of everything – and the customer always has the latest version
of the application.

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provides a cloud platform and tools to help developers build and deploy cloud applications. Users access PaaS from a Web browser, so
there is no need to purchase and maintain the underlying hardware and software. With PaaS, developers can pick and choose the features they want on a subscription basis.

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) lets companies “rent” computing resources such as servers, networks, storage, and operating systems on a pay-per-use basis. IaaS
providers host the infrastructure and handle tasks like system maintenance and backups – so customers don’t have to buy hardware or employ in-house experts to manage it.


Public, private, or hybrid cloud?
There are three types of cloud deployment models: public, private, and hybrid – and find out which one makes the most sense for your business.

Public Cloud
With a public cloud, services are delivered to customers over a network that’s open for public usage. Public clouds offer efficiency and affordability, and are often
multi-tenant – meaning the provider runs your service in a shared environment.

Private Cloud
With a private cloud, services are maintained on a private network protected by a firewall. You can build a private cloud within your own data center – or subscribe
to one hosted by a vendor. Private clouds offer the most security and control.

Hybrid Cloud
A hybrid cloud includes both cloud and on-premise solutions – often from multiple providers. Hybrid clouds offer variety, so you can pick and choose which aspects of
your business are better off in a public or private cloud versus on premise.

Cloud integration scenarios:
As companies digitize the enterprise, leveraging the best solutions from cloud with your Oracle JD Edwards solutions helps establish your platform for innovation and business process automation. With sophisticated integration options and built-in integration from JD Edwards, you can connect your core suite with other Oracle and third-party cloud solutions.

Let Mitchell & Associates help your company in it's new adoption path to cloud!




Moving to the cloud has become the new normal in business. Why? Because it allows your company to reduce complexity and operating costs while you increase flexibility and reinvent your approach to IT.

Mitchell & Associates Cloud Services team helps your organization focus on core business objectives like building a sustainable competitive edge or reducing your time to market. Our team of certified solution architects and software experts is always at your service – creating solutions that drive higher performance as they minimize risk.

Choosing Mitchell & Associates gives you the peace of mind of working with an industry leader in innovative cloud solutions. Our iterative customer-centric approach ensures that the cloud solution we deliver will meet your precise goals for functionality, scalability and agility.


Simplify and accelerate your journey to the cloud with expert guidance from Mitchell & Associates. Our cloud services support the entire adoption lifecycle – from cloud design and strategy to deployment and operations. Leverage flexible, value-driven consulting engagements to develop a solution road map, execute your migration, securely manage your hybrid or cloud infrastructure, and move to cloud-managed services like PaaS and IaaS.
  • Services supporting the entire lifecycle
  • Flexible, fast and secure engagement
  • Value-driven engagements driving ROI and time-to-value
  • Consistent, compliant and accessible global delivery


Cloud advisory and strategy services
The cloud advisory and strategy service evaluates your business priorities and establishes a solution road map that outlines how to use the right technologies – in the right way – to get you to the cloud with the best return on investment.

  • Identify key business areas that will benefit most from a cloud-based solution
  • Assess your cloud readiness and get guidance on cloud computing architecture and principles
  • Develop a concrete plan that maps out priorities, transitional steps, and milestones

Cloud design and assessment services
Our cloud design and assessment services will help you develop a strategy to accelerate your company’s transition to a virtualized environment – and set a course for moving into the cloud.

Cloud computing catalyst service
Get the holistic support you need to make your cloud vision a reality. We’ll help you streamline your IT architecture, reduce the total cost of operations, and shift your focus from operations to innovation and value creation.


Cloud implementation and migration services
Our cloud migration experts provide end-to-end consulting services and support for moving your on-premise JD Edwards applications and software landscape to a virtualized, Oracle cloud infrastructure – with minimal impact on system performance.

Cloud  Integration Services
Ensure that your on-premise legacy applications and processes remain fully integrated with those you move to the cloud. Our cloud integration experts will make sure your global IT landscape continues to run in an efficient, secure, and scalable way.


Application management services for cloud
Reduce the demands on your IT staff and lower operation costs with our cloud application management services. We’ll take care of day-to-day operations so you can focus on innovation and growth.

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IT Recruiting & Staff Augmentation  

The market for highly qualified IT candidates is competitive – and it isn't getting any easier. With thousands of candidates in all skill sets in our database, we can connect you with top IT talent quickly.

 Our IT staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the tech industry and in your local job market to help you find the right IT professionals, whether you need them for just a few hours, a couple of months, or for the long term. With the flexibility to help organizations scale up or down depending on their workflow, we enable you to maximize your resources and leverage opportunities.

We help you secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component to success–your people. We begin our partnership by seeking to understand your business targets and the gaps between your current and future state. We then build a workforce staffing strategy to close those gaps with the right people, skills and competencies, when and where you need them.

Comprehensive Workforce Solutions
Our goal is to enable you to achieve your business targets better, faster and more cost-effectively. While we are recognized as the No. 1 IT staffing provider, we offer a full range of workforce solutions and service delivery models to equip you with the people, skills and competencies required to get IT done.

•    Contract Staffing: High-caliber teams or individual IT professionals for temporary support
•    Direct IT Placement Services: Contract-to-hire and direct hire professionals for longer-term needs
•    Managed IT Services: Managed teams of applications or infrastructure professionals to define and mature IT workflows, centrally manage institutional knowledge, optimize resource utilization and deliver measurable outcomes
•    Training and Education: Custom training development, IT and business education and managed training solutions to maximize your team’s potential
•    Project-Based Services: Management of discrete IT projects and programs
•    Outsourced Services: Ownership and optimization of defined IT work functions




Create and execute a successful Internet of Things or machine-to-machine (M2M) strategy – with Mitchell & Associates IoT consulting services. Our team can help you develop an IoT road map, implement the right IoT applications and architecture for your business, ensure interoperability, and more. Get support at any stage of your digital transformation – whether you’re just getting started or have existing IoT challenges to overcome.
  • Find out how JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions can add value to your IoT strategy
  • Speed time to value and lower TCO for your IoT systems and investments
  • Fully leverage the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT platform and design a scalable architecture
  • Rely on an end-to-end IoT service offering tailored to your business needs
Advisory Services
Understand how the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 will impact your company, identify new IoT business models, and create an individual road map to success – with help from our advisory services.

  • Define new addressable market segments, products, services, and business models
  • Identify the key capabilities and technologies needed to reach your desired IoT maturity level
  • Establish how key IoT capabilities will function
  • Define initial IoT use cases – and create a clear strategy and road map to success
Proof of Concept Services
Know how an IoT application will work before you implement it – with our proof of concept services. We’ll provide you with a cloud prototype of your application and connect it to real machines, devices, and sensor data so you can see it in action.
  • Receive an affordable prototype with your own machine data in the Oracle cloud
  • Create an optimal and re-usable basis for an IoT implementation project
  • Build a strong IoT business case and get the buy-in needed to industrialize the solution
Rapid Deployment Services
Use our rapid deployment services to accelerate time to value for your IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. We can help you quickly and efficiently implement predefined scenarios and best practices for the applications you need now.
  • Reduce project implementation time and costs
  • Use built-in implementation accelerators and road maps
  • Get detailed IoT testing, including test scripts for rapid deployment scenarios
  • Leverage business process descriptions, flows, configuration guides
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